Priya Nandy

By on Jun 14, 2022

From 2020 I served as an Assistant Professor in the paramedical department of BIPS. After completing my M.Sc from Calcutta University I started my journey from here.

BIPS marks a significant milestone in my academic career. This college provides a positive learning environment for every student. I believe that students are our future and each student has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. The aim of the college is to give quality training to ordinary students to make them confident and successful in their careers. It gives me great pleasure to see that our students successfully achieve their dreams today.

Every day I am receiving different experiences from the department, professors, and students which help me to develop my teaching skills. I love the family-like atmosphere that surrounds me. The College cares about its members. It is a place of civility, friendship, and good cheer. I am feeling very happy to be a part of the BIPS family.