Ms. Moupriya Saha

By on Aug 9, 2020

Bengal Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences has a huge contribution in my academic as well as in professional career. I had started my teaching profession in BIPS since 21st August 2007. So, BIPS means a lot to me. The campus of BIPS is surrounded by ethno pharmacologically important ancient medicinal plants and I think it gives us the positive energy to enhance our work power. I have done my Ph.D. from Jadavpur University and here I teach Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical Instrumental Analysis, Pharmacognosy, Quality control & Quality Assurance, Standardization of Ayurvedic formulations etc. With the long journey of BIPS we have faced lots of challenges, ups and downs but we overcome all the challenges with our team effort and also with the excellent guidance from our management and administrative team. I have received the responsibility from my Institute to coordinate the Jadavpur University related matters mainly as Presiding officer as our course is affiliated to the esteemed Jadavpur University. I am also associated with the Industrial training and placement related responsibility of our students. Lots of our students perform their medicinal plant related small scale research work here because of our BIPS campus is enriched with richest source of traditional medicinal plants. I have past my 15 years of teaching profession here and automatically l have become a member of BIPS family. I feel very much proud of our pass out students who have proved their position in the research field in India and abroad. Most of our BIPS’ian also able to grab their jobs in several departments like QA & QC, Production in Industries, as teacher in Institutions and also engaged themselves as good businesses official. In nutshell, BIPS is the place of enrichment, enlightenment for the academic field.