Ms. Prapanna Biswas

By on Aug 9, 2020

BIPS established in 2006.Today its one of the renowned college in West Bengal.

I joined BIPS in 2017 as Assistant Professor in the subject of Microbiology, after completing my MSc.  in Microbiology from WBSU . Its been 5 years, I have been attached with this glorious Institute. This is the 1st institute from where I have started my teaching profession. BIPS provide an environment of equality and multiculturism. We all aim at making our students innovative, intellectual and creative at the same time.

As the world is going through a pandemic, I must mention that BIPS always has new ideas, new way of teachings to cope up with the Covid stress.

It brings me joy to see my students has grown and developed over year with their academic skills.

I hope our college will grow more in future and become one of the best known colleges in India with quality education.

Today I have got the opportunity to teach the brightest students in BIPS in the field of Paramedical and Pharmaceutical Section.

I have been continuously learning new variability in this advanced field of Biological Sciences.

It gives me immense pleasure to see my students and college gaining new heights in academics.